Five Ways to Support the Craft Drinking Industry in Connecticut During COVID-19

For the craft drinking industry, COVID-19 shutdown means more than just losing a place to drink your favorite craft beverage. In an attempt to contain the spread and help save lives an executive order to temporarily close down bars and restaurants, which now limits Connecticut’s breweries, distilleries, vineyards and cideries to carry-out and delivery orders only.

The economic impact this will have on small business as a whole will be catastrophic. Here are 5 ways to help support local.

  1. Purchase gift certificates. This is probably the most direct way to help support. Not to mention a great gift (especially to those fighting the front lines of the virus).
  2. Purchase apparel or other merchandise. Almost all facilities sell t-shirts, hats and pint glasses. Plus it’s good gear to show off to your friends.
  3. Purchase carry-out. Thanks to Full Pour, they’ve created a shareable Google Spreadsheet which lists all the breweries in CT and their pickup hours. All you need to do is hop on the breweries websites and pre-order prior to your arrival.
  4. Tip! One of the outcomes out of all of this is that most websites for craft drinking establishments have an online shop setup with ways to purchase items like gift cards, apparel and beer orders. But don’t forget to tip! Although they remain somewhat open during this time, it is still not enough to pay overhead and a full bar staff.
  5. Plan for Bright Days ahead! While we may currently be practicing social-distancing and are cooped up at home. This will soon be a distant memory. If you had an event planned during this time at one of the facilities; reschedule for a later date. If you don’t have an event scheduled; why not plan one. We will all need a nice cold drink once this is over – not to mention time and social interaction with other people.

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