Let everyone know how proud you are of your engagement, birthday, or anniversary with a gorgeous yard sign announcement! We event have emojis, champagne glasses, stars and more!

How It Works.

Fill out the form below to request a quote page to reserve a large lawn sign for a one-day rental!

We cannot guarantee the design. No two signs are every the same.  All of the images you see will each be different. We have several different colors of stars, balloons, cakes, sports themes, and so many different options.  When we talk to you we will take notes and design something we know you will enjoy.


We come the night before your reservation (6pm-8pm) to set up. Please let anyone know who might get nervous that we will be in your yard! (That includes your significant other). We will text you a photo when we are done! Contactless drop off and pick up!

We will pick them up between 6pm-8pm the next day (this is only a one day rental). You don’t need to be home. If you would like more time please contact us to arrange an additional day in advance.

Can you imagine this large sign saying “WILL YOU MARRY ME!”


Below there is a “request a quote” form to get a quote for a yard sign rental. You will need to select  the day you would like the sign displayed.

Note: We do deliver the day before and pick up at dusk the following day. To confirm your event a payment and signed contract is needed.

In the additional comments box that is where you will write your message, and you can put any requests you might have.  We will then call you to let you know what is in stock and what your options are. 

We only rent the signs for your event.  Our inventory is always changing so every time we set up a display it is guaranteed to be different for everyone! Fees will vary depending on what you would like.

This is only a one day rental. We drop off between 6-8pm the night before so you can wake up and enjoy the whole day with them. We pick up the following evening.  If this is going to be a surprise we can arrange to come out a little later at night so your loved one doesn’t see us. Just keep in mind to let neighbors know, your spouse or anyone else who would be alarmed seeing someone with a van in your yard.  We are a contact less delivery and pick up option so no need to come outside unless you would like to.

The best way to ensure that you can keep your rental longer is to request it when you are initially booking your message.

No two signs are the same. All of the images you see will each be different. We have several different colors of stars, balloons, cakes, sports themes, and so many different options.  When we talk to you we will take notes and design something we know you will enjoy.

A freshly mowed lawn looks best.  Please do not perform any yard work while the signs are installed.  This will cause damage to the materials that you would be responsible for. If you have a sprinkler system please let us know if we will be near any areas to be careful, and please have them turned off around the delivery and pick up time. Please remove any animal droppings in the area before we arrive. If you have a certain area you would like us to set up please send us a photo.  If you would like the signs facing a certain way (aka facing your home, facing a road, etc). Watering the grass in the area prior to our arrival will help soften the ground so that the sign install may be easier.

We can deliver the signs in any kind of weather.  If the roads will not be safe we will deliver earlier the day before or early on the morning of. Only for extremely bad weather we will allow the signs to be rescheduled to a different day depending on availability.  No refunds once signs have been delivered. Please check with your HOA or company policies for yard signs. Errors during ordering process won’t be refunded.  Please make sure names and messages are spelled correctly.  If we make a mistake we will make it right. Please confirm the right address. If it is changed there will be an additional fee. If we can not access the property due to animals, gated community, or any other unforeseen issues there will be a second delivery fee applied.

DO NOT REMOVE or MOVE any of the signs.  We hope that nothing will happen but if it does you are responsible for the damage or theft. If there is a problem with any of the signs please call us first. These signs are sharp.  If they are damaged it will be your responsibility to pay for the replacement. These signs are FOR SHOW ONLY.  Please do not play around them, lean on them, spray silly string or anything else on them or around them, or move them around.  We will not accept any sign requests that are disrespectful, have profanity, or are in political nature. We are not responsible for any injury to a person or property that may occur.  We know things happen.  If it is an accident we will understand. Intentional damage is what will have to be replaced.

Connecticut Beer Tours uses a third party vendor to install the signs. All parties are fully licensed and ensured.