joe phillipon

Meet Joe Philipon – CT Beer Tour Driver and Guide

joe philliponMeet Joe, one of our newest drivers at Connecticut Beer Tours. He is an avid local independent beer supporter with a background in graphic design. If he were left on a desert island and could only be left with one beer; his drink of choice would be Guinness.

Q1. Joe, what got you into craft beer?

As local craft breweries started popping up in Connecticut, I found myself leaning away from national brands and purchasing more local. I love trying out new craft beers and the only national brand I get these days is Guinness.

Q2. You are fairly new with CT Beer Tours, at what point did you say to yourself, “this job is totally for me.”

About 10 minutes into my first test drive with one of the other drivers I knew I’d love it! I like meeting and talking to new people, going to breweries, and talking about craft beer. I like everything about it!

Q3. To date, what is one of your most memorable moments pertaining to being on a tour?

It was a 2nd 21st birthday tour (for those who’s comment this is over your head “42nd bday), which included a group of women whose occupations included a variety of different kinds of sign language services. One of the guests was deaf and they were a ton of fun. To watch them talk and sign to include the whole group, while being happy and sharing stories is like watching a stage show. They were a blast, and I hope to tour with them again!

Q4. So I have to put you on the spot – what is your favorite local CT craft beer right now and why?

Alvarium Presh or Lasting Brass War Poet. Both fantastic, quite crushable, and short drives for me to get!

Q5. All of our drivers and guides are unique and different at CT Beer Tours. What do you offer a group of passengers that makes you unique and different?

I’m not sure if it is different, but I can talk about craft beer all day long! I am as excited as you are to go to the breweries, even if I’m the DD.