mitchell fallon

Meet Mitch Fallon – CT Beer Tour Guide

mitchell fallonMeet Mitchell aka Mitch. You may have seen him on a trip as your high-energy, lip-syncing tour guide.

Q1.Mitch, how did you get into craft beer? 

The expansion of flavors within the Craft Beer industry was what first got me interested.  As my taste palette expanded, and I began to visit more breweries; it was the welcoming nature of each craft producer that kept me going back! Whether it was your first time having a craft beer or my 30th – it was just as enjoyable.

Q2. What do you like best about being beer tour guide? 

What I enjoy most about guiding is being able to help created memorable moments and stories for the guests from the moment the tour begins till the very end.

Q3. What is one of your most memorable moments/stories pertaining to being on a tour as a driver/guide?

The first time I was guiding on the Mass Public Tour, we had a rough start with some traffic and getting to the first Brewery (Wormtown Brewing). Our group was just getting to know each other, but by the final brewery (Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers), you would have thought it was a large family reunion. I can happily say that I’m still close with a few of the people that I met from the tour that day!

Q4. If you were to be stranded on a desert island tomorrow and could only bring with you one beer – which would it be?

Aw man, that is a tough one. I’d have to sat it’s a Tie between Happy Treez and Nummy Nummy from Stubborn Beauty 🌹🌹

Q5. CT Beer Tours has an array of personalities – what do you offer a group of passengers that makes you unique and different?

I’m a very happy and high energy person so at the end of the day I keep it going whether it’s hosting a mini lip sync competition on the bus or playing jumbo jenga with my guests in the brewery.