john savage

Meet John Savage – CT Beer Tour Co-Owner

john savageMeet John Savage, one of the co-owners of Connecticut Beer Tours. He is best known for living in the moment and thrives for the next experience that will turn into a long lasting memory.

Q1: John, when did you first start having a passion for craft beer?

Once I realized all the passion and hard work that goes into the craft brewing process it was hard not to have a passion for it. When a brewer hands you a new beer and waits to see your face melt after that first sip. It creates an endless conversation on how great their recipe tastes. 

Q2: When did you have that ‘ah-ha’ moment of “this business is for me”?

I personally live my life to make memories, because in the end that’s all anyone will remember when we leave this crazy world. 
So when on tour, I love sitting back watching my group creating moments (that some may not remember), but creating memories they’ll never forget.

Q3: What makes CT Beer Tours unique?

What makes us unique in my eyes is how we aren’t all about tourism and education. We do not make beer. Instead, you get educated directly from the person that grinds it out day-in and day-out, every day; the brewer. On our tours, everyone learns a little something they may not have known before. But, when we crank those jams, cry at our jokes and create memories that only our guide and group will remember; it is something that makes us unique and something they will take with them forever.

Q4: You incorporated the business in 2015, is running CT Beer Tours different then you thought it would be?

I was 21 when we started this business. It was a time when I didn’t know anything about the real world besides working to pay off a crazy car payment. Needless to say, I let myself fall into it. But 5 years later it is a decision I wouldn’t take back, not even for a second.

Q5: Running a business takes an army, what have your employees done to help make the business a success?

Our employees took our baby and made it their own. Our guides and driver provide their own style of tourism to our groups to provide a great experience on our bus.

Q6: On every tour, the biggest question always is, “what is your funniest/craziest beer tour related story?

Oh, where to begin! I cant put anyone personally on blast for having a great time on our bus. But, if I had to choose the most funniest story would be when Billy & I drove up to our last tour stop of that day at No Worries Brewing which was a group of two of our buses. As we parked in front and our group of woman got out, they all stood outside screaming and singing the Backstreet Boys for the entire town to hear. Hands down best memory.

Q7: What do you like best about being a beer tour owner?

I like it when someone who has never heard about us, find out about our business and decides to hop on a tour. Then, I run into them at a beer fest or in town and they run up to me to tell me about how much fun they had and talk about their experience.

Q8: Okay, I am going to put you on the spot – which is your favorite brewery right now and why?

Hands down, Relic. I have liked a countless amount of their beers and been able to go back time and time again and still be amazed by what’s on tap. 

Q9: What current projects are you working on currently with CT Beer Tours to help build business? Where do you see the business in a year? Five years?

Well, due to the pandemic we’ve been put on hold as you all know. Everyone in the industry are in my thoughts and I wish everyone will come out of this in top. With that said, CT Beer Tours will be coming back stronger than ever. You’ll you’ll have to sit back and find out what we have in store for the future. As for where I see us in 1-5 years. I want to see our company expand; more facilities to visit, more buses, more smiling faces and more memories being shared over a beer when were off-shift. In the end I’m in it for the memories.